About Cymbo

About Cymbo

In 2004, a branch broker was managing a satellite real estate office for the largest independent brokerage in the state.  Their old-fashioned paper document management system was entirely inadequate and habitually resulted in late paychecks and incomplete files. The trust account, commission amounts, agents' information, listings, and transactions all had problems as well. After months of begging upper management to come up with a better solution, this branch broker walked away from his salary and started the first 100% paperless online real estate brokerage in the state.

However, he realized that the first version wasn't everything he needed it to be and immediately started developing Version 2.  He was determined to reinvent the way a real estate brokerage could be run. How could he make an agent's life easier and more efficient? How could someone manage an office from anywhere in the world? How could a software system reduce liability and streamline how data is shared? How could it automate the repetitive and time consuming tasks every real estate professional has to deal with? How could a broker finally enjoy spending the money he/she is making instead of being a slave to their desk at the office? The quest to answer all these questions would require thousands of programming hours, years of development, months of beta testing, thousands of transactions in multiple offices, and with hundreds of different agents before it became a refined reality.

The result?  Finally a way to manage all of your agents, offices, documents, transactions, referrals, listings, commissions, training classes, buyers, sellers, potential clients, previous clients, showings/feedback, calendar, office statistics, accounting, license expirations, and have built in reminders with notes for all of it. Automation of key tasks in every transaction is integrated. The system will automatically populate which documents are required for a transaction based on whether you represent the buyer or the seller (or both), what year it was built, and more. It would automatically notify all parties involved of upcoming deadlines, additions to paperwork, and contract modifications. Each party to the transaction can log in and access all documents and information online from anywhere in the world. The trust account is audited 24/7 automatically. Human error has been eliminated from many of the high risk and liability tasks. This new system will completely redefine the job description of brokers across the nation.

Now Cymbo has been running for years and is continually improving based on our customers' feedback. With new features and technology, Cymbo continues to grow and is now one of the largest paperless office solutions for real estate in the country.