Cymbo Security


Cymbo is Serious about Security
We take security seriously. So much so that we developed our entire system to incorporate the latest programming languages, databases, security certificates, and modular applications available. Unlike other systems out there using outdated programming languages like ".asp" and ".html" which are easy for a novice hacker to infiltrate and access all your personal information, Cymbo employs the most advanced technology trusted by some of the biggest names in the world.

Safe from Identity and Financial Theft
Your website stores all your personal data and banking information in the same manner as large financial institutions like ING©,  Merrill Lynch©,  Siemens Financial Services©,  and The World Bank©.

Most Advanced Technology
Cymbo uses the same programming technology as the world’s leading technology companies like Microsoft©, Intel©,  HP©,  HTC,©, NEC©, IBM©,  LG©,  Motorola©,  and Sony©.

Private Information and Documents are Kept Private
We know your documents contain confidential personal information.  Rest assured that it is only viewable by authorized parties with the knowledge that NASA, United States Postal ServiceBoeing©,  Ferrari©,  CVS Pharmacy©,  and  Merck© trust their data to the same technology as Cymbo.

Setting the New Standard
No other transaction management system in the country utilizes this standard of security software. That is why Cymbo leads the real estate software industry in new technology that offers you the most protection against hackers, robots, spammers, and accidental exposure of your vital banking and credit card information, confidential documents,  and other sensitive personal data.

Your Data is Safe and Exclusive to You
When you enter data in Cymbo, you know it is safe from sale, distribution and access by unwanted parties. We will never share, sell, distribute or divulge any information about you, your company, your clients or anything else--it is your data and will stay that way.